TRIAX TMDS42C Sky Q™ 2+2 Way Adaptor

£69.95 £58.80 ex. Vat

The Sky compatible TMDS42C Add On Adaptor for Sky Q™
Retro fit dSCR add on multiswitch fits on to existing Multiswitches or Optical Converters.
Enables individual apartments within MDU’s enjoy the full Sky Q experience.
– Expands existing systems without complex re-balancing
– Provides 2 x Fixed Legacy outputs
– Provides 2 x dSCR or Legacy outputs
– Auto-detection Legacy / dSCR
– Terrestrial, FM, DAB signal path
Inputs: 4 VL/HL/VH/HH Sat/Terr ports, 1 DC port
Outputs: 2 Legacy only, 2 SCR / legacy (auto detection)
Input frequency: Satellite 950-2150 MHz, Terrestrial/Cable 5-862 MHz
Output frequency: Satellite Legacy 950-2150 MHz, SCR User bands 950-2150 MHz, Terrestrial/Cable 5-860 MHz
Number of User Bands: 16 per SCR output
Channel plan of User Bands: Sky UK, Sky Italia & Sky Germany
Satellite input power level: dBuV 65 to 95
SCR output level: dBuV 88
Legacy output level
Legacy only ports: equal to satellite input level
Legacy/SCR ports: dBuV 87.75
Insertion loss
Input to Legacy only ports: dB 0 Typical
Satellite input to SCR / Leg: dB -10 to + 20 (AGC)
Terrestrial in to out: dB -4 Typ
DC power consumption
Legacy only ports: W <2
SCR/Leg ports: W <4.2
DC power pass
From STB to input ports: V 13/18/22kHz, 500 mA max
From DC power port to input ports: V 13/18/22kHz, 500 mA max
Optional power adapter: 20V / 20W min.
Dimensions: mm 92x92x40
The Sky Q must be set into SCR mode – Home menu – 001 select – LNB setup – Change to SCR mode.


4 In 4 Out x2 dSCR x2 Legacy OR x4 Legacy
(Requires PSU: 307372)
*Sky Compatible 2 Year Warranty*

Installer Notes: This unit needs local power. Please only connect 1 input lead, Sky Q should then be put into dSCR/SCR mode – NB: Connecting 2 leads will render the unit not able to work. To avoid isolation issues between adjacent ports (now a known issue) please connect the unit to alternate ports of the multiswitch and not those adjacent.