Triax TD88 Solid Satellite Dish Pole Mount 88cm Part No 121889

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TD dishes are manufactured according to Triax’s quality standards with precision tools and robot technology ensuring absolute uniform and optimum geometry for perfect signal reception. Triax gives you the industry’s best – and original – polyester surface coating on all TD satellite dishes. In real life it makes a world of difference to the longevity and performance of a dish. Call it pride – but with us you can’t have it any other way. Triax products have a reputation for being quick and easy to install and mount. Triax precise-setting-scale elevation bracket is a patented solution which has set the standard for easy and quick installation of dishes. Features:


•   High quality design •   54, 64, 78, 88 and 110cm versions available •    Pre-mounted feedarm, (except TD110) •    LNB holder with clip-on bracket (Ø40mm and Ø25mm) •    Simple installation and adjustment •   LNB cable can be routed through the feedarm •   Stable, non-slip mast bracket with one or two U bolts, (depending on dish size) •   Galvanised steel with Polyester powder coat

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