Wolsey WFAV 25 LTE 1 Way Variable Wide Band Masthead Amplifier Kit Part No 370553

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WOLSEY WFAV-25 ‘F’ Connector Masthead Amplifier with Power Supply Kit

  • Weatherproof Housing
  • Fully Screened Enclosure

Number of inputs: 1 Number of outputs: 1 Input frequency band: UHF Input Channels: 21-68 Frequency Range (MHz): 470 – 862MHz Typical Gain (dB): 25 Variable Gain: Yes Noise Figure (dB): < 2.2 DC power supply: 12V/100mA Max. Output Level* (dBuV): 102 *DIN45004B 3 Carries, IMD3-60dB

WPS100/1 Power Unit Connectors: F Outputs: 1 Voltage (V): 12 Max Current (mA): 100