WOLSEY Ruby Launch Amp LTE Ready Part Number 371003

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WOLSEY Ruby Launch Amp LTE Ready

  • Variable Gain Control 0-20dB on all Inputs
  • Switchable Filtering Control
  • Masthead Line Power with short circuit protection
  • Test -30dB
  • Earth Bonding Point
  • LTE Protected

Frequency range: 88-862MHz
Gain and Flatness: FM(88-108MHz) 30 dB ± 1 dB30, DAB(217-230MHz) 30dB ± 1 dB, UHF1(470-862MHz) 34 dB ± 2 dB, UHF2(470-862MHz) 34 dB ± 2 dB
Attenuation Range: 0~20 dB
Rejection: At 380MHz from 470MHz -35dB, at 790MHz to 862MHz: -18 dB, at 108MHz to 217MHz -35dB
Max. Noise Figure: FMandDAB 6dB, UHF 6dB
Max. Output Level ( DIN45004B ): 115 dBµV
Return Loss: 10dB(QC)/12dB(TYP.)
Switch for 790MHz and 862MHz: Yes
Power Supply Unit (Internal) Thermal Fuse on Primary winding: 230VAC/50Hz/9W
Power Supply Indicator light: Blue LED
On/Off Power Output For Preamplifier (With Short Circuit Protection): 12VDC 0.1A Max.
Power Output For Preamplifier Overload Indicator light: Green:Normal Orange:Fault
Connectors according to IEC169-24: input F-female, output F-female
Test -30dB Port: Yes
Nominal impedance input and output: 75O
Equipment approval: CE/RoHS/WEEE