Triax Infared Extender For Freesat/Freeview/DVD c/w Magic Eye Part No 370407

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View and Control Freesat, Freeview and Sky around the home

With the introduction of digital TV’s, traditional analogue services around the home have been lost.

The Tri-Link kit solves the issue of distributing Freesat, Freeview and Sky around the home, with the ability to view and control all set top-boxes on existing analogue sets.

  • Removes the need to purchase individual set top-boxes for each additional TV or upgrading to flat panel TV’s
  • The Tri-Link can control upto 3 independent pieces of equipment including Sky+ receiver
  • Can also be used to control set top-boxes from cable providers that include SCART outputs
  • Watch and control recorded programmes from your PVR around the home
  • Powers up Digital Link Amplifier and Link eyes
  • Fully agile modulator
  • SCART loop-through
  • RF Gain Control +/- 10dB