Global TV/FM/DAB/SAT/CCTV 8 Way Loft Box

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Fully Compatible with the Sky Digital tvLINK System

  • Combines Satellite, TV, FM, DAB, and CCTV on to one down cable to the living room
  • Typically 8dB Gain to each output
  • TV FM Digi Channel, VCR, DAB, and CCTV available at each output
  • Built in switch mode power supply with LED power on indicator

The Global LoftBox is an integrated Home Distribution system. Normally located in the loft, it combines TV, FM, DAB, CCTV and Satellite on to one down cable, feeding to a Global triplexing wallplate or MSWP in the living room.

The LoftBox takes a return feed from the living room which would typically be from the UHF2 output from the Sky digibox or from a “Y” splitter.

FM and DAB are diplexed onto the return feed and then distributed to additional points within the house via Global TV/FM diplex wallplates. Each outlet point is able to receive normal terrestrial TV, FM, DAB, CCTV and the selected Satellite channel. The LoftBox fully supports the infrared control signals from the tvLINK remote eye back to the Sky Set-top Box.

At Living Room Output Freq. range: 88-108MHz (FM Antenna), 217-230MHz (DAB Antenna), 460-860MHz (CCTV), 460-860MHz (TV Antenna), 950-2150 MHz (SAT Antenna) Gain to living room: 3dB /-2dB (FM Antenna), 3dB /-2dB (DAB Antenna), 5dB /-2dB (CCTV), 5dB /-2dB (TV Antenna), 3B /-3dB (SAT Antenna) Noise figure: 5dB Max (FM Antenna), 5dB Max (DAB Antenna), 6dB Max (CCTV), 4dB (TV Antenna) DC Passing: n/a Satellite antenna input to terrestrial isolation: >-55dB

UHF2 to DA Outputs Freq. range: 88-108MHz (FM Antenna), 217-230MHz (DAB Antenna), 460-860MHz (UHF) Gain: 6dB /-2dB (FM Antenna), 6dB /-2dB (DAB Antenna), 6dB /-2dB (UHF) DC Passing: 12V 100 mA (UHF) Independent DC short circuit protection to all outputs: Yes (UHF) Max. current to each output: 20 mA (UHF)

Recommended Input signal levels for analogue carriers at LoftBox 60-75 dBuV. Figures based on acceptable carrier/noise ratios and carrier/intermodulation interference with digital terrestrial TV.